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Well, it was the biggest blogging blowout of the year last night…Yes, I’m talking about Hearne Christopher Jr.’s annual “KC Confidential Christmas Wilding.”

I was lucky enough to be invited. In fact, Hearne, owner and operator of the wildly successful blog site kcconfidential.com, called me in the afternoon to make sure I was coming. Told him I wouldn’t miss it.

This year, as some of you undoubtedly know, Hearne had to move the party from Jardine’s to the Uptown, reason being that Jardine’s ran into a spot o’ trouble last year (including not paying the help) and closed. Boy, Hearne loved that place, and he threw some pretty, pretty wild parties there. Didn’t hurt that for a while he dated the owner, Crazy Beena. (I never met her myself, but Hearne told me a few stories.)

Just like Jardine’s, the thing with Beena didn’t end so well, and, all in all, it’s best that Beena went her way and Hearne lived to host another Christmas wilding somewhere else.

Hearne is close friends with the Uptown’s owner, Larry Sells, who got the place for a song (or even a phrase) 20 or more years ago when he was a commissioner on the Jackson County Land Trust. (Sells, a ne’er-do-well lawyer, got off the commission after he made off with the object of his eye, the venerable theater.)

So, it was fitting that Hearne would have his party at the Uptown — “Doors 5 p.m.” —  and he had the usual array of local celebs and brilliant writers.

Hearne and Bill Nigro

Hearne Christopher and Bill Nigro

Those on hand included Westport impresario Bill Nigro; lawyer Harris Wilder — he of the large smile and ebullient personality; Roger Naber, promoter of the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruises;  some KC Confidential writers, including Brandon Leftridge and Jack Poessiger; KSHB-TV weekend assignment editor Rick Hellman;  and the one and only advertising and public relations guru Tracy Thomas — the beloved “TT.”

But back to the party…The only thing that struck me as odd was that it was absolutely devoid of “hotties.” For those of you who don’t know what “hotties” are — in KC Confidential lexicon, anyway — they are attractive, sometimes-cheap-looking, curvaceous women. Hearne’s classification of hotties has run the gamut, from strippers to Kansas City Star publisher Mi-Ai Parrish.

(The day that McClatchy Co. announced the appointment of Parrish, in June 2011, Hearne gushed on his blog, “Blessed mother of god, they hired a hottie!”)

In fact, I can’t recall Hearne having written about “hotties” in recent months. Perhaps Hearne’s aura of fame and wealth is slipping, or maybe his new (and considerably younger) wife Kimberly Christopher gave the hotties the heave-ho. (Kimberly had not arrived at the party by the time I left, but she would definitely fall into the hottie category.)

When I pointed out the conspicuous void to Hearne, he responded with a shrug and a rare moment of silence. Didn’t even try to fabricate an excuse.

I guess marriage has slowed the old boy down.

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