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I’ve written a couple of things lately that, in my opinion, come into play in the “Rodeo Clown as Obama” caper down in one of Missouri’s most progressive…ahem…cities, Sedalia.

You may recall that on July 23 I put up a post called “Now there’s a redneck!”

I picked out a few examples of archetypal rednecks, such as the Lake Waukomis guy who drowned his cat by submerging the carrier (with cat) in the lake.

I got some kickback on that post and decided I probably wouldn’t go after redneck nation again…Gotta reconsider, however, after the rodeo clown donned the Obama mask — featuring big, white, donkey-style teeth — at the Missouri State Fair Saturday and asked, to the delight of the crowd, if anyone would like to see Obama run down by the bull. (I don’t have to tell you what the answer was.)

For that display, the only possible conclusion that anyone with any sensibility could come to is this:

“Now there’s a bunch of rednecks!”

I also wrote on Aug. 5 about Missouri having thrown up as many obstacles as possible to implementation of the Affordable Care Act, under which people can start signing up for health care insurance in October. I said, that as far as I was concerned, if every part of the state except Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis slid off the earth, it wouldn’t bother me.

Let me second that emotion and add that Sedalia, along with Greene County (Springfield), should be the first to slide into oblivion.



Rodeo clown at Missouri State Fair

The Kansas City Star’s two online pieces about the rodeo stunt — a straight news story by Mark Morris and a commentary by editorial writer Yael Abhoulkah — are on the way to drawing more than 10,000 reader comments between them.

The vast majority of the commenters have strongly and angrily defended the stunt as a harmless political gag. Several have said it probably would have made no splash whatsoever if the clown had depicted a Republican president.

In my opinion, though, one commenter who was critical of the stunt hit the nail on the head when he or she said:

“What a mediocre state.”

A regular commenter to this blog, John Altevogt, contends that Obama is the most intensely disliked American president in history.

That is true, but it is only a minority of American voters who loathe him.

I say that the president who was most disliked by a vast majority of right-thinking Americans was that crook Richard Nixon.

And, finally, I want to say that this outpouring of bile against Obama, while unsettling, doesn’t really upset me too much because, as I’ve said many times, conservatives are on the wrong side of demographics.

Think how pissed off the cowboys and commenters are going to be when Hillary is president.

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