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One thing you can never be surprised by is the number of rednecks running around in society…and not just ours.

They’re worse than cicadas, and often times as loud.

Since they are so prevalent, I thought we should start highlighting some of them, some of the very best…or worst, I guess that should be.

At The Star, whenever we started a new feature, the problem was keeping it fresh and interesting, because once started, the feature had to run for usually a year, at a minimum, before we could let it drift away.

That’s not a problem in blogging, though: I have no idea how often this feature will run. Maybe periodically, maybe just this once. Anyway, away we go!

Case No. 1…Last week, some Lake Waukomis residents were subjected to “an awful image they’ll never forget,” as KMBC-TV reported on its website.

A Lake Waukomis resident took his cat down to the lake in a cage or carrier and proceeded to drown the cat by submerging the carrier for several minutes.

His cat…not somebody else’s cat. His cat. The KMBC story said that a mother and her children called 911 as, or after, “they watched in horror.” Other people apparently were watching, too.

According the a police report, Thomas Newhouse said he decided to drown the cat after returning home from church — church –and finding that the cat had bitten and scratched his fiance and his daughter-in-law.

Newhouse told police he didn’t see anyone around before he did the dirty deed, so he thought he was doing it in private.

Newhouse got a ticket for a city ordinance violation, animal abuse, and is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 20.

Thomas Newhouse…Now there’s a redneck! 

Case No. 2…On Sunday, The Star carried a front-page story by Eric Adler about cattle rustlers in Missouri. In rural areas, it’s a crime that never goes out of style.

The victim in this particular story was Bob Darrow of the Springfield area. Thirteen of his cows, with an estimated value of about $17,000, disappeared.

Apparently, it was not a very difficult case to solve. Police arrested 63-year-old Howard L. Perryman of Monett, MO.



It seems as though Perryman is well known in Greene County. Here’s what Adler said about him:

“He’s previously been charged with nearly as many felonies, 60, as he is years old. He’s been branded with more than 20 felony convictions since 1967, including robbery, burglary and receiving stolen property. He has spent time in state and federal prisons.”

…I can’t help but interject something here: Do you think that a black resident of Greene County would still be walking the streets — and galloping around the hills — if he had been convicted of 20 felonies?

Anyway, let’s hear it for Howard Perryman: Now there’s a redneck!

Case No. 3…This is far, far away from the Kansas City area, but, as you know, we don’t have a monopoly on rednecks.

Last October, seven artworks valued at hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen from a museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  The New York Times said that the painters of the pieces included Picasso, Matisse, Monet and Gauguin. The thief (who later confessed) was 29-year-old Radu Dogaru of Romania, which is about 1,200 miles from Rotterdam.

But here’s the kicker…His 50-year-old mother, Olga Dogaru, told police that shortly after her son was arrested, she placed all seven works in a wood-burning stove and incinerated them, with the intention of destroying the evidence.

Forensic scientists at Romania’a National History Museum collected ash and other material found in Mrs. Dogaru’s oven. The Times story quoted the museum director as saying that material that classical French, Dutch, Spanish and other European artists typically used to prepare canvases for oil painting were discovered in the debris.

“In addition,” the story said, “copper nails and tacks made by blacksmiths before the Industrial Revolution and used to tack canvas down were found in the debris.”


Olga Dogaru

On Monday, the Dogarus appeared in court in Bucharest, and Mrs. Dogaru told a panel of three judges that she did not burn the artworks. When asked what had become of the paintings, Mrs. Dogaru gave no answer.

Of course, Mrs. Dogaru’s new circumstances might have influenced her revised story: She is now charged with destruction-of-property crimes that could land her in prison for three to 10 years. Even more indicative that she, indeed, burned the paintings is the evidence from the ashes.

So, where the paintings might be and whether they still exist are not known. But one thing we do know is that there’s at least one redneck in Romania. Olga…Now THERE’s a redneck.

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